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Start Your Healing By Seeing a Trauma Therapist

Trauma can change your life and impede on your sense of self and safety in the world. You may have trouble trusting people, even ones you love. You may sometimes feel as if you are disconnected from your body and the world.

I have a special passion for working with folks who are coping with complex or developmental trauma. This refers to folks who grew up in environments that did not feel safe for a variety of reasons. I treat complex and developmental trauma by:

- Building rapport and respecting the protective and adaptive strategies that helped you survive

- Helping you to identify these strategies as "parts of you" not the whole of you, to help you see these strategies objectively 

- Helping you to meet these parts of you with compassion and curiosity

- Using guided imagery and mindfulness techniques to support your nervous system as you contact the parts that experience and hold the traumas

- Helping you to make meaning of past events and childhood wounds in order to integrate and build healthy relationships

If you're ready to start the healing process, contact me at Addie Kogan Psychotherapy.

Trauma Therapist: Welcome
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