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Hello! My name is Addie and I have been a clinical social worker since I graduated from Smith College School for Social Work in 2010. Prior to that I completed a bachelors degree in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies, from Goshen College. I began my career working as a behavioral and child-family therapist with those in the foster care system. I then worked at Mills Peninsula Hospital, in the intensive outpatient program. There, I served as a group and family therapist, for teens, adults, elders and those struggling with addictions. Since 2015, I have been in the private practice setting serving adults and couples. In working with people from many walks of life, I have come to see that while suffering is different for each person, we all experience pain and hardship. I approach my profession as a spiritual and social justice calling. Supporting people as they connect to the authenticity of their own emotions reveals the universality of the human experience. In that, I hold great hope for human connection, compassion and social action across lines of difference.  

My original clinical training, focused primarily on psychodynamic and attachment theory. This means I was trained to care greatly about the experiences and relationships that have shaped you. I utilize interventions from internal family systems, emotionally focused therapy for couples and somatic approaches. In my current work and and training, I am increasingly drawn towards Jungian analytic theory and depth psychology. Through this lens, I invite clients to explore their dreams, spontaneous visions and creativity in order to access the deep guidance and wisdom of their awakening consciousness. 

Of primary focus in my work with clients is the therapeutic relationship. It is here that patterns of relating tend to reveal themselves. Through the safe container of therapy, I invite my clients into new ways of being; ones that create more flexibility, playfulness and deeper access to intimacy. It is my belief that at the end of meaningful therapeutic work, both client and therapist are transformed by their unique and powerful relationship.

As a queer and non-binary person, I welcome all people into my practice and extend a special welcome to those who have experienced feelings of otherness or being an outsider, in any way, shape or form. As a white person, I strive towards an active stance of anti-racism. In the therapy room, this includes an invitation to interrogate the dominate culture and the ways in which the wounds and illnesses of racism and white supremacy show up in the individual psyche, soul and body, depending on one's social location. 

In addition, I welcome those who are wishing to explore issues of an existential or spiritual nature. I identify spirituality as a great mystery that is both within and outside of the realms of religion as well as inside and outside the bounds of science.




Relationships are one of life's greatest teachers.  Couples often benefit from an objective professional to help guide them towards healthier communication and deeper understanding.  I enjoy working with couples of all constellations and couples that are navigating difference across culture, religion, gender and identity.  Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.


I enjoy working with people exploring a wide array of issues including relationships, issues related to identity, family of origin, depression, anxiety and past trauma.  My individual work is primarily relational.  I will seek to build an alliance with you that is safe and trustworthy in order to provide a container for your personal exploration and growth.  Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.


Spiritual counseling is for those looking to ask the deeper questions about life, religion or spirituality. If you have had a recent life change or loss that has created a spiritual awakening or if you are healing from a harmful or lackluster experience in organized religion, then spiritual counseling may be for you.  Contact me for a 30 minute consultation to see if it is a good fit.



I am currently serving clients online, due to COVID-19. Contact me today to schedule your first session.

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"Off in the distance the song-bird sings, calling you back home, to the family of things."-Mary Oliver



Office Locations
2305 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

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