Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to understanding human beings, nature and spirituality. Of primary importance in my life is relationships and how we come to know ourselves through the mirroring and witnessing of another human being. These life-long interests and passions led me to Smith College School for Social Work, where I graduated in 2010.

I began my career working as a behavioral and child-family therapist with those in the foster care system. I then worked in an intensive outpatient program where I served as a group and family therapist, for teens, adults, elders and those struggling with addictions. Since 2015, I have been in the private practice setting working with adults and couples. In working with people from many walks of life, I have come to see that while suffering is different for each person, we all experience pain and hardship. I approach my profession as a spiritual and social justice calling. Supporting people as they connect to the authenticity of their own emotions reveals the universality of the human experience. I find that greater levels of self-compassion and authenticity tend to lead people towards a higher sense of integrity and a desire to engage more ethically in the world.

My original clinical training, focused primarily on psychodynamic and attachment theory. This means I was trained to care greatly about the experiences and relationships that have shaped the inner world of my clients. I utilize interventions from internal family systems, emotionally focused therapy for couples and somatic approaches. In my current work and training, I am increasingly drawn towards Jungian analytic theory and depth psychology. Through this lens, I invite clients to explore their dreams, imaginations and creativity in order to access the deep guidance and wisdom of the unconscious.

I personally believe that I can not lead my clients on paths that I am not willing to walk myself. This keeps me activated and humble around my own ongoing commitments to healing, learning and growth. Oppression, racism and white supremacy take a tragic toll on mental health. For this reason, I am also committed to the daily practice of anti-racism, ongoing training and learning and the elimination of oppression in all its forms.