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I have always been deeply curious about the human experience. Throughout my life I have felt drawn to understand the human inclination towards altruism, cooperation, love and care as well as our ability to inflict immense amounts of harm to ourselves and others. This curiosity led me to study Peace Justice and Conflict Studies in undergraduate school and then Clinical Social work at Smith College. I graduated with an MSW in 2010 and have been practicing therapy ever since.

I began my career working as a behavioral and child-family therapist with those in the foster care system. I then worked in an intensive outpatient program where I served as a group and family therapist, for teens, adults, elders and those struggling with addictions. Since 2015, I have been in the private practice setting working with adults and couples. In working with people from many walks of life, I have come to see that while suffering is different for each person, we all experience pain and hardship. Being a witness and guide towards the alleviation of suffering brings me great joy and purpose. 

My original clinical training, focused primarily on psychodynamic and attachment theory. This means I was trained to care greatly about the experiences and relationships that have shaped the inner worlds of my clients. I utilize interventions from internal family systems, emotionally focused therapy for couples and somatic approaches. I have most recently trained in Jungian depth psychology and in trauma informed/IFS informed approaches.

Spirituality and Social Justice are key tenents of my practice. All belief systems, religions and spiritual practices will be greeted with curiosity and care, including agnosticism and atheism. Whether inside or outside of a religious context, we all seem to need a set of beliefs and values that guide our lives as well as rituals that ground us into these values and belief systems. In most cases, these beliefs, values and practices change over time and are adaptive. Many people enter therapy when their beliefs or sense of order in the world have been challenged. I like to support clients in meeting life's demand to shift and expand belief structures in order to move through various phases of life with more joy, hope and support.

In my work with clients, I also hold in mind and spirit, the undeniable legacies of harm caused by racism, white supremacy, religious hegemony, colonialism, sexism and homo/transphobia. It is my belief that these systems of oppression cause emotional fracturing to both the beneficiaries of the privilege as well as the victims.

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