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"Behind the Mirror"  November 2011 -August 2012

Advanced training in family systems therapy with expert practitioner, Dr. Pamela Parkinson.  10 months of intensive weekly trainings, where we would observe and practice family and couples therapy behind a one way mirror, receiving direct consultation from Dr. Parkinson.

"The Body Keeps the Score"  February 2014

Intensive week long training with world renowned trauma expert, Bessel Van der Kolk on cutting edge treatments of trauma.

Hakomi Method   November 2015

Daylong training in the Hakomi Method a somatic based approach to healing and therapy

Advanced Consultation in Couples Therapy   September 2015 -May 2016

Weekly consultation with couples therapy expert, Dr. Michael Klein. Dr. Klein would provide direct feedback and consultation to advance depth and effectiveness of work .

Advanced Consultation in Clinical Supervision and Psychodynamic Practice  October 2016 - December 2017

Received consultation from senior clinicians Howard Hamburger, MFT and Elena Moser, MFT on the areas of clinical supervision, couples and individual supervision from a psychodynamic perspective

The Science of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion   February 2018

Weekend training with world renowned experts in self-compassion, Dr. Shana Shapiro and Dr. Kristen Neff

Psychotherapy with Transgender and Gender Diverse People Across a Lifespan   May 2018

Training to increase the effectiveness of working with the transgender and gender diverse population